why horizonview technologies?



1.   Knowledge and Skill across IT and Comms disciplines. Horizonview Technologies is made up of a team of well-trained, well-groomed and knowledgeable ICT technicians previously from formal employment that have naturally progressed into private practice. 

2.   Experienced but always fresh: our wide-ranging experience in the ICT Industry spanning well over 20 years individually, and over 80 years collectively (as evidenced from our personal profiles, CVs and resumes) gives us the edge over most other pretenders. Nonetheless given all that experience we still keep abreast and up-to-date with all the latest trends and offerings on the ICT arena making us the Total Package. 

3.   The Quest for Perfection (a.k.a. The Quest for Zero Limitations):we pride ourselves with our obsession for perfection and unwavering attention to detail. While we subscribe to the common understanding that nothing and no one is perfect on this earth we however strive relentlessly towards the achievement of that seemingly unattainable goal of perfection. 

4.   Personal Touch and Commitment: At Horizonview Technologies we are customer service-oriented, meaning your satisfaction and success is our motivation and reward. We strongly believe in the provision of personalised solutions in which the customer fully participates in the formulation there-of as opposed to the age-old prescriptive solutions approach employed by most ICT providers. 

5.   Tailor-made Solutions: related to point 4 above we design solutions that are a best-fit for the particular customer, whether it be an individual, a community, an association, a small business, a medium enterprise, an institution or a large cooperate. Put in other words no ICT requirement is to too small or too large for us. 

6.    Right-Sized and Right-Priced Solutions:  We never claim to be the cheapest (a phrase all too commonly associated with the quality of end-product and service) although more often than not you will find our pricing very competitively low. Our major focus and thrust though is on providing the best practical solution for our every customers specific budget. 

7.  Smart Alliances and Partnerships with ICT Industry Leaders: In recognition of the advantages of collaboration over competition we have aligned ourselves with ICT Industry Leaders thereby positioning ourselves as the ideal bridge-way between the Primary Product/Service providers and the ultimate consumer. The net-effect is better quality service and greater overall satisfaction to the end user since we only source from the best-of-breed.

8.   We could go on and on (the list is indeed long) but as the old adage goes Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating once you engage us you will know why? We have the time for you and the patience no matter your current level of IT knowledge.