about us


Horizonview Technologies is a member of the StarVerge Investments (Pvt) Ltd family, a company founded and registered under the Zimbabwean Companies Act Chapter 24:03 in 2003. Its primary mission is the procurement, distribution and provisioning of an extensive range of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) products and services to Zimbabwes ever-moreso computer-dependant individuals, entities and corporates. Our products list includes Tablets, Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, Palmtops, PDAs, Printers, accessories and consumables, while our services include Hardware and Software installations, Networking, Internet and E-mail setup and configuration, IT Security setup and administration etc (please refer to our products and services listing issued separately for a more comprehensive range).

The company is under the leadership of hardworking, well-trained, wellgroomed and very knowledgeable and skilled IT professionals previously from formal employment who have naturally progressed into private practice. The companys wide-ranging experience in the ICT industry collectively aggregates to over 80 years.


We at Horizonview Technologies pride ourselves with our obsession for perfection and unwavering attention to detail. Our vision is to play our part – a very big part, in the total computerization and modernization of our homeland – Zimbabwe. We aim to become the preferred one-stop total ICT solution providers to always keep our customers one-step ahead of the rest. This vision is powered by our Quest for Perfection otherwise known as The Quest for Zero Limitations.


– To provide personalised ICT solutions which are a best-fit for the particular customer; whether it be an individual, a small business, an association, an institution, a medium enterprise or a large corporate. No ICT requirement is therefore too small or too large for us.

– To provide right-priced solutions (not to be mistaken for cheapest solutions) our major thrust is on providing the best practical solution for our every customers specific budget.

– To always be on the same wave-length with our customers, meaning we design ICT solutions with the direct participation of the client thus ensuring full ownership by the latter

– To always keep abreast and up-to-date with all the latest trends and offerings on the ICT arena thus enabling us to relay that same competitive advantage to our customers. Our customers satisfaction and success is our motivation and reward.


Professionalism Horizonview Technologies leadership was groomed to always be professional in its conduct, it is a tradition we always uphold and propagate to all our staff regardless of ranking

Responsiveness and Commitment we have a responsibility to all our customers regardless of size or station, we therefore commit to always be responsive and available to them whenever they need us

Integrity and Consistency all our dealings with our customers are consistently conducted with utmost honesty, fairness, transparency and integrity

Quality and Excellence our quest for zero defect motto speaks for itself and spurs us on to provide our clients with unparalleled 1st class products and services

Innovation and Creativity we are always on the hunt for new and fresh ideas to make things better and easier for our customers, its the only way forward in this fast and ever changing world of ICT

Team Spirit we believe our clients and us are a team, together we are unbeatable hence we always insist on full customer participation in the formulation and implementation of ICT solutions


We aim to become the preferred one-stop end-to-end total ICT solution providers in the country in order to always keep our customers one-step ahead of the rest. Pursuant to this we strive to reach out and increase the size of our customer base and consequently our market share thus effectively play our part in the modernisation of Zimbabwe. We will adopt the following strategies to achieve these objectives;

– Recognising and acknowledging the diversity of our customers and their specific needs thereby designing solutions which are a best fit for each of them (with their participation)

– Formulating and structuring individualised customer portfolios which will be our guiding light in maintaining long-lasting, profitable and mutually beneficial relationships

– Seeking new business but ensuring no compromise on service delivery and quality to existing portfolios – On-going research, training, development and retention of critical skills.

– Seeking to align ourselves with powerful brand name internal and external IT companies in order to establish smart partnerships which will ultimately benefits all stakeholders and the country as a whole.

– Striving to provide right-sized and right-priced solutions which are practical and best value for money.

– Always being pro-active in all our customer liaisons.


We target the following customers:-

– Corporate Organisations

– Schools, Colleges and Universities

– Government Institutions

– Non-Governmental Organisations

– Non-profit Organisations

– Small and Medium Businesses

– Individuals